Synthesizing the
Future of Data

A pioneering GenAI Synthetic Data Solution
for Tabular & Text data

Datawizz Solution:
Synthetic Data

A cutting-edge platform that empowers users to effortlessly define,
generate, augment, enrich, and evaluate synthetic data.
We make overcoming data privacy concerns, cold starts, and sharing
issues a breeze. It’s the turnkey solution for any data challenge!

Seamless Integration and Usage

Seamless Integration & Usage

Guided by free-text description, refine and generate
data iteratively.

Versatile Deployment

Available as a SaaS solution or for On-Prem deployment. We
are LLM agnostic, ensuring flexibility and ease of integration.

Empowering Innovation

Providing open-source Python code to developers, fostering a community that extends the boundaries of what's possible
with data.

Collaboration at Its Core

Join a growing ecosystem committed to data innovation
and accessibility.

Unique Value Proposition

With our open-source contributions and LLM agnostic approach, we're not
just part of the GenAI revolution – we are leading it!

Founding Team and Management

Sameer Chopra

  • Former Apple leader with 25+ years in Tech industry leading Data Science/ML groups. Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) of Orbitz Worldwide/Expedia, GoDaddy, ID Analytics (LexisNexis Risk Solutions)
  • Expertise in leveraging data and ML to drive profitable growth
  • MIT graduate

Avi Weiss

Co-founder and President
  • 35+ years in industry
  • Served as officer in IDF, IDF graduate in Computer Science
  • Co-founded ObserveIT (acquired by Proofpoint) and ActivePath which (acquired by Broadridge)

Dr. Sigal Shaked

Co-Founder & CTO
  • 15+ years working with data across different fields
  • PhD served as the basis of the Company’s platform
  • Graduate of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (PhD, M.Sc. B.S.)

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